The Cybersecurity Solution for Regulated Entities & Organizations

LinkGuard Solution in the Regulated Industries

Regulations, Executive Orders, and international standards are increasingly embracing cyber-physical systems (CPS) to modernize critical infrastructure, optimize public services, and strengthen defense efforts across broadly distributed physical sites.

Blue Ridge Networks recognizes these challenges and has simple, secure, solutions to ensure the reliability of regulated environments.





LinkGuard Enables CyberCloak Capabilities to Protect Critical Assets and Sensitive Data

Executive Order 14028 replaces outdated trust-based models with Zero Trust Architecture and rejects the idea that users can be trusted just because they are on a trusted network. All users are untrusted until they can be proven trustworthy.

– Executive Order 14028, Office of Management and Budget, September 2022


Segmentation limits scope of a security breach and risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Hide critical assets to create more resilient environments.


Ensure that data transmitted across unknown or hostile networks is uncompromised and remains confidential.


 Add an extra layer of security to networks and devices, making it harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access.

Federal agencies need to achieve their missions while ensuring service continuity.

The latest U.S. White House Executive Order, with its expedited schedule for improving cyber defenses, signals the urgency of confronting the growing cybersecurity challenge.

Products align perfectly with the CDM program’s goals by delivering exceptional network protection for federal agencies and critical infrastructure environments.

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Public Water Utility Eliminates Risk of Disruption

LinkGuard renders critical assets of major utility invisible to achieve breach prevention